Seismic Wave Propagation in a Multi-Layered Geological Region, Part II: Transient Case

Document Type : Seismology and Engineering Seismology


1 Bulgarian Academy of Science

2 University of Mining and Geology


The Two-dimensional problem of the transient wave propagation in elastic multi-layered half-space is studied by the Direct Boundary Integral Equation Method (DBIEM) combined with the finitedifference procedure applied to the time variable. By means of the Wilson-q method the equations of motion are transformed into a set of elliptic partial differential equations, and then, the DBIE-procedure is applied.The present hybrid formulation employs the fundamental solution depending neither on the frequency nor on the time variable. This is the main advantage of the proposed method. The theoretical seismograms in the time domain are obtained on the free surfaces of two real geological situations for a multi-layered soil region with existence of salt ore deposits.