Appropriate and Correct Reactions during Earthquakes: "Drop, Cover and Hold on" or "Triangle of Life"

Document Type : Risk Management




Since many years, the “Drop, Cover and Hold on” (DCH) has been suggested and taught as an acceptable advice internationally for taking proper and correct reactions during earthquakes. “DCH” is designed with the aim of avoiding careless and dangerous behaviors in order to bring less damage to people due to earthquakes. In the last decade, another advice has been introduced called "Triangle of Life" in which people are recommended to stay next to heavy objects and furniture. Considering the high importance given to the correct sheltering in this study, the limitations and advantages of both advices are explored and an attempt has been made to identify one of them as the appropriate advice with regard to Iran's situation. For these purposes both advices are analysed briefly and compared to each other considering their application, the extent of people whom each advice is more appropriate for them, simplicity in transferring concepts, and the probability of reducing casualties and injuries. Based on the results and observations, it was revealed that “DCH” could still be regarded as a better option to recommend people of what to do during earthquakes.