Nonlinear Numerical Evaluation of Dynamic Behavior of an Asphaltic Concrete Core Rockfill Dam (A Case Study)

Document Type : Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering


Amirkabir University of Technology


Nonlinear numerical analyses have been performed for the highest dam with asphalt concrete core in Iran (Shur River Dam) under seismic forces. The dam has 85 meters height and is under construction in an area with high earthquake hazard with MDE equal to 0.8g. Different stages of construction and impounding were analyzed using the hyperbolic model with Finite Difference Method. Nonlinear dynamic analyses were performed to investigate asphaltic core behavior under earthquake loading. The results show that earthquake shock can lead to developing some small cracks and increasing permeability of asphalt in the upper part of the core. Maximum vertical deformations occur near the crest and at the lower part of the upstream slope but would not be sufficient to cause loss of storage under normal operating conditions. Also deformation of asphalt core is completely dependent on the shell deformation and the thin wall core can not affect the general behavior of the dam. During the dynamic loading, different displacements between the thin core and transition layers are observed.