Introduction to Coherent Component Nonlinear Analysis (CCNA) for Revealing Seismogenic Decomposed Lineaments in Northern Regions of Tehran

Document Type : Seismology and Engineering Seismology


Payam Noor University (PNU), Tehran


In this research, a nonlinear analysis of geophysical databases has been performed with spectrum-area applications for revealing seismogenic decomposed lineaments in northern regions of Tehran. According to geophysical concepts, a fabricated pattern that is generated by multiplicative processes usually represented to power law relationships under different statements. Therefore, a multifractal solution is proposed by this research for obtaining iterative peculiarities of seismogenic resources as an imagery location of triggering movements before destructive earthquakes. Several casual studies on North Tehran Faulted regions have performed since 1965, but it is theoretically updated in current research by considering a coherent concept to geospatial evidences. In practice, available databases including vectors and instrumental acquisitions have been processed by GIS facilities due to applying a multicriteria decision-making algorithm into gridded values. The results showed that nonlinear analysis of decomposed lineaments around North Tehran Fault can provide a new seismogenic pattern for updating Hazard Analysis Programs based on reducing in structural complexities.