A Comparative Study of IDA and ETA Methods on Steel Moment Frames Using Different Scalar Intensity Measures

Document Type : Research Note


1 Environmental and Architectural Engineering

2 K.N. Toosi University of Technology


Endurance Time Analysis (ETA) method is a time-history based dynamic pushover procedure in which structures are evaluated using predesigned intensifying acceleration functions from linear elastic range to collapse point. In this paper, ETA is compared with well-established incremental dynamic analysis (IDA) for high-rise steel moment frames. Different scalar intensity measures (IMs) are used to figure out the most efficient one, which reduces the dispersion of the results in both methods. It was observed that ETA could estimate the general trend of IDA curves while it needs a few numbers of analyses. In addition, based on the results, the peak ground velocity and the spectral acceleration are the best IMs for comparing the results of IDA and ETA methods in steel moment frames.