Recognition of Earthquake Prone Areas (M³ 6.0) in the Kopet Dagh Region Using the GIS Technology

Document Type : Seismology and Engineering Seismology


Russian Academy of Sciences


The methodology is based on the idea that large earthquakes correlate with morpho structural nodes which are formed around the intersections of fault zones. The nodes shown on the MZ map of the region under study, have been determined with the morpho structural zoning (MZ) method. The map shows the hierarchical block-structure of the region, the network of boundary zones separating blocks, and the loci of the nodes, formed at the intersections of boundary zones. The GIS facilities have been used to compile the MZ map of the Kopet Dagh region. The recorded earthquakes M6+ nucleate at some of the mapped nodes. The other seismogenic nodes prone to earthquakes M6+ in the Kopet Dagh region have been identified with the help of the pattern recognition algorithm CORA-3. The results obtained indicate a high seismic potential for the studied region and provide information on the loci of potential earthquake sources needed for seismic hazard assessment.