Seismic Evaluation of Steel Frames Subjected to Decaying Sinusoidal Records through IDA Method

Document Type : Research Note


Persian Gulf University


The focus of this paper is on the responses of steel moment resisting frames to pulselike near-fault ground motions. Decaying sinusoidal record is a simulated record that possesses specifications of real pulse-like near-fault earthquake. Incremental Dynamic Analysis (IDA) is a newapproach of dynamic analysis that is appropriate for assessment of the structural performance. IDA is performed on steel moment resisting frames with different heights subjected to real and simulated records. PGV is employed as a suitable intensitymeasure for pulse-like near-fault records. Results show that at the low intensity of excitations, decaying sinusoidal record is a suitable alternative for pulse-like near-fault records. Besides, the response to the decaying sinusoidal records shows lower scattering than the responses to the real records especially when PGV is used as the intensity measure. Moreover, the structural responses under decaying sinusoidal records showstrong dependency of this simulated record to the pulse frequency.