Estimation of Interdependencies between Seismic Parameters and Damage Indices Including the MFDR Model and the Modified Park-Ang Model

Document Type : Research Note


Shahid Abbaspour Campus of Shahid Beheshti University


Correlations between seismic acceleration parameters and damage indices can help to predict the value of the damage for an earthquake event. This paper has two parts. One part is the detection of the interdependency between important seismic acceleration parameters, and two damage models including the modified Park-Ang cumulative damage model and the maximummodified flexural damage ratio model (MFDR) by using of the Spearman correlation coefficient. For the first part, we have utilized 17 records of the earthquake from all over the world. Results showed sustained maximum acceleration and effective design acceleration have the best correlation with the Park-Ang model. Besides, the weakest interdependencies are related to displacement RMS and cumulative absolute velocity for the Park-Ang model. However, among selected seismic acceleration parameters, peak ground velocity and Housner Intensity have the best interdependencies with the MFDR model. On the other hand, cumulative absolute velocity and Vmax/Amax have shown the weakest interdependencies with the MFDR model. Other part includes the time variation of the MFDR model in duration of the Victoria earthquake. It can give a good sight about process of behavior members during earthquake. Moreover, time variation of the MFDR model can determine process degradation of each member.