Seismic Response Evaluation of Kashan Historical Bazaar Structure Including Soil-Structure Interaction

Document Type : Technical Note


Civil Engineering Department, The University of Kashan, Kashan


Historical heritage structures are especially vulnerable to earthquakes because
they were designed only for gravity loads without any consideration of lateral
loads. For this reason, the preservation and maintenance of these structures are of
great cultural, economic, and social importance. The present study investigates the
seismic vulnerability of a historical structure called Kashan Bazaar, located in
Kashan (central Iran), dating back to the 17th century. The detailed 3D geometrical
model of this structure was drawn using SolidWorks software. Finite element
numerical method was used to evaluate the response of Bazaar structure using
macro-modeling approach. Static, modal, and nonlinear static (pushover) analyses
were carried out using two cases, with soil-structure interaction (SSI) and without
SSI (fixed-base). According to the results, considering the SSI has a significant
influence on the mode shapes, vibration frequencies, and the structural responses.
The structure of Bazaar can withstand gravity loads as well as DBE demands
in fixed-base model. However, the results of the SSI analyses show the structure
weakness against lateral loads.