Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings Designed by Iranian Seismic Code

Document Type : Technical Note


Kharazmi University


In this paper, the seismic performance of a multi-story reinforced concrete frame building has been studied. A typical reinforced concrete moment-resisting frame building was designed according to the current Iranian seismic code (IS 2800-14). Seven earthquake records were selected and scaled based on IS 2800-14 requirements. In order to assess the seismic vulnerability of the case study structure, nonlinear static (push-over) analysis and nonlinear dynamic time-history analysis have been conducted. The performance has been evaluated based on both the member and global level criteria. Comparison between push-over and nonlinear analyses results shows a relatively good consistency. The numerical results additionally show that the case-study building frames designed by IS 2800-14 satisfy the intended code requirements and meet the inter-story drift and maximum plastic rotation demands suggested byGuide 360 (Instruction for Seismic Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings).