Is there any charge for submitting an article to JSEE?

No. At present, the journals of the International Institute of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering do not receive any fees for the various stages of submission, reviewing, editing and publication of articles.

Is it possible to submit an article by sending it to the journal's email?

No, the only way to submit an article to JSEE is through an account (of the responsible author) on the journal's website, and articles sent to the journal's e-mail will be neglected.

After registration, the password was not sent to me or I forgot it. What should I do?

First, check the spam folder of your email, if it is not there, on the login page, use the "I forgot my login password" option to get a new password.

Is it possible to submit an article to several journals simultaneously?

No. This is against the ethics of publishing. If this is done, your article will not be published, and if it is, it will be invalidated. Your name will then be blacklisted in the journal and will influence decisions about your other articles in the future.

Is it necessary for all the authors of an article to register in the system?

No, it is not. Only the corresponding author needs to register in the system. However, all other authors should be aware of their responsibility for the article. The order of the names of the authors and the responsibilities of each of them should be clear in the article.

Can I recommend reviewers for my article?

Yes, in submitting process of an article, you will be asked about the recommended reviewers that you should nominate at least three reviewers.

Does the journal have a hard copy (paper) version?

Yes, but very limited, to send to relevant organizations like National Library, etc. In addition, a hard copy will also be assigned to each article, which will be delivered to the corresponding author.

How to follow up and be informed about the status of the submitted article?

Authors can be notified of the status of their submitted articles at any stage after submitting an article by logging in to their account. It is also possible by sending an email to jsee@iiees.ac.ir and calling 22834279 during office hours.

How to write the acknowledgment section of the article?

The acknowledgment section is an opportunity to formally thank those who have helped you in conducting the study, but do not have the necessary criteria to mention their names as authors of the article. Although including this part in the article is optional, it is seen in many articles. It is better not to limit yourself to naming people in the acknowledgment section and mention their role as well.

The following people are usually included in the acknowledgment section:

  • People who provided the initial idea of writing your article.

  • People who supported the authors during their research.

  • People who have given you technical assistance.

  • Those who have read and reviewed your article.

  • Financial sponsors of the article.


Source: Research Editor Website