Author = Mehrdad Mostafazadeh
Investigation of Seismic Stress Changes in the Makran Subduction Zone

Volume 23, Issue 2, May 2021, Pages 9-30


Mehrdad Mostafazadeh; Leila Mahshadnia

Evaluation of Earthquake Potential in the Zagros Region (Iran) Using Seismic Strain and Seismicity Parameters

Volume 18, Issue 4, November 2016, Pages 199-218

Rohollah Madahizadeh; Mehrdad Mostafazadeh; Shobyr Ashkpour-Motlagh

Application of Copula Theory to Develop Techniques for Earthquakes Forecasting

Volume 17, Issue 2, May 2015, Pages 81-88

Mostafa Allamehzadeh; Mohammad Kavei; Mehrdad Mostafazadeh

Source Study of some Large Earthquakes Occurred in South Eastern Iran

Volume 14, Issue 4, January 2013, Pages 285-296

Mehrdad Mostafazadeh; Shobeir Ashkpoor Motlagh

Source Parameters of the Mw 6.6 Fandoqa (SE Iran) Earthquake of March 14, 1998

Volume 10, Issue 1, April 2008, Pages 1-10

Shobeir Ashkpour Motlagh; Mehrdad Mostafazadeh

Seismological Aspect of 26 December 2003 Bam Earthquake

Volume 5, Issue 4, January 2004, Pages 15-21

Mehrdad Mostafazadeh; Amir Mansour Farahbod; Mohammad Mokhtari; Mostafa Allamehzadeh

Source Time Function of Caspian Basin and Surrounding Area Earthquakes

Volume 5, Issue 3, October 2003, Pages 17-26

Mehrdad Mostafazadeh; Mohammad Mokhtari

Body Waveform Modeling of Five Moderately Earthquakes in the Zagros Fold Thrust Belt

Volume 2, Issue 3, July 2000, Pages 1-10

Mehrdad Mostafazadeh; Omer Alptekin; Ali Osman Oncel